Is it Really worth it?

Is it Really worth it?

Love is blind
The blind mostly gifted
Sex is love
Love in expression
Conception, yeah! The gift of expression
Evil conceives evil then love must be evil
Wedded by Imams, priests and attorneys
In happiness in plain sight of the future
The future? Yes a word not far off!

Sounds like a distance but tomorrow is a stone throw
Tomorrow is here with the leaders of tomorrow
Leaders of tomorrow an offspring of the wedding
Weddings are joyous but childbirth...I can't explain the experience
Women are heroes
Imagine loving who causes you most pain
Clinging to their deflowerers despite the pains that comes with it
Breastfeeding their kids after childbirth
Childbirth; the second most painful thing on earth after being burnt alive
No wonder ja rule's 'pain is love' album sold
Through schooling and feeding the sweat is thick
Annoying bosses in offices with stressful jobs
Just to pay the rent and dish the dishes
A handsome son with a youthful heart
Young and naïve with a mind of risks
Having fun with a healthy heart
Suddenly the heartbeat is stopped by a rusty bullet
He wasn't a thief
He wasn't a killer
He never raped nobody
Just off issues he is ignorant of
The hopeful mum is set on a restart button
Soaked in tears on her lad's grave
Was this the plan when wole soyinka and his buddies started this?
I doubt! Because he is a worldwide recognized noble prize winner
He didn't get there shooting people
But he shares the same label as most of us do
'A cultist' doesn't mean you should be a monster
I hope you find the message in these words