Goodluck Jonathan Exposed

When President Olusegun
Obasanjo was in power we
spent 300 billion per year on
the fuel subsidy. Under the
administration of President
Goodluck Jonathan it shot
up to 1.3 trillion naira in the
last one year alone. Can
someone please explain to
me how it got so high in 4
years and what exactly they
were subsidizing with the
extra one trillion naira?

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When the Obasanjo
government left power in
2007 the country was no
longer in debt and the 30
billion dollar foreign debt
that Obasanjo met when he
came to power in 1999 was
fully paid off. Today, under
the administration of
Jonathan, our country is
back in debt to the tune of
41 billion dollars (both
foreign and domestic) and
we are still borrowing. Can
someone please tell me
what the loans were used
for and whether we will ever
be able to pay them off?
When the Obasanjo
administration left power in
2007 our foreign reserves
were 80 billion dollars even
though when he came into
office in 1999 we only had
1.5 billion dollars.
Today our foreign reserves
have dropped from 80
billion dollars in 2007 to 33
billion dollars. Can someone
please tell me where all the
money went? When the
Obasanjo administration left
power in 2007 23 billion
dollars was left in the Excess
Crude Account after he built
it up from nothing in 1999.
Today we do not have one
dollar left in that account
because the money has
been squandered and the
account scrapped. Can
someone explain to me who
spent that money and
precisely what it was spent
By the time the Obasanjo
administration left power in
2007 not one bomb had
gone off in Abuja
throughout his 8 years in
office and neither did we shy
away from confronting the
evil and dealing a hard blow
to the terrorists wherever
and whenever it was
necessary to do so. Today
bombs go off at will all over
the north, the President
hides in the Villa and
churches were targeted.
Who Will Deliver Us From
This Goodluck?
By Femi Fani-Kayode