Mayne fuck these rappers!
Last night on my bed chillin with my headphones on
Listenin to this album with this artiste braggin on his song
Fuck it! Wat he say? Steady thinking wat the fuck is going on?
All these rappers always braggin, are they sippin on som rum?
Movin their lips like they chewing on som bubble gum yum
Steady tellin fans stories like how they’re poppin champagne
Broke niggaz busy lying selling fake campaign

I shove their lies back to their faces like its pump and plain
Wanna see real niggaz always poppin champagne?
Go to Onitsha business boys do this shit while they’re chewin plantain
Suckers steady braggin and shit, steady braggin how they was born in the streets
Motherfuckers! You cant even see em run in the streets
In the studio booth rhyming and forming the streets
You can tell wen a nigga runnin the streets
Dagrin, Konga those niggaz born in the streets
I hear that nigga brag to my ear
While he busy living with djinee up to a year
Hmm...im not shifting this gear
If i do i think my gear box will tear
I hear them rapping talking bout flits of cars
When they busy trekking with bare feet on hot coal tars
Cant smoke real weed; they busy mixing sprite and star
When they always talking bout being high on their eight bars
Mayne fuck these rappers!
I hear em talkin shit that my shit aint proper
O.k whip ya game proper if my shit aint proper
They always talking bout girls
While they jerking off when they sit around girls
Im a shy guy i know it!
But ive never fucked an ugly girl; ask my friends’ cuz they know it
They talking clubs all day
i club once in a while it only costs one k (big deal)
attimes club fee is 500 then i take two bottle which might cost me one k
And they make such a big deal
My nigga naeto sings and asks ‘kini big deal?’
watta fuck? Thers lies gimme big chills
they actin ‘street-tough-nigga’ while the neva seen an o.c torture
they actin ‘gang-hard-nigga’ while they neva experienced a brutal joh joh
in case you’re wonderin, o.c torture and johjoh i’v experienced the horror
now im busy skippin enemies like im playin Mario
who cares? as far as they stop tellin those lies on my stereo
listen to real niggas make real statements on interviews over the radio
and stop showing off things they cant possibly own on musical videos
mayne fuck these rappers! I don yarn make i carry go!


Redface Nashee said…