by Nnagoziem Edwin Udensi
        Behind the tropical Ngwo hills on the crest of Enugu top land, lies city the sun smiles upon first-rising every morning; Coal Camp! The first ever developed town in the Coal City State. Coal Camp was created in 1900 during the colonial administration of the British Empire, when Coal was discovered under Enugwu Ngwo. Then it was called Enugu Coal Camp from where coals were transported to Port-Harcourt by train chiefly for export.

        Walking through the motor oil soiled streets of coal camp in this dispensation; it is astounding how to a great extent change has influenced the small community which- contrasting most part of Enugu somewhat strikes like a singular world of it own. Currently, coal camp of nowadays can without doubt be addressed as “mech camp of Enugu”. Apart from the old buildings which have lasted at least ninety to hundred years, housing mainly the lower class citizens of Enugu and a beautiful view of a tropical mountain, coal camp it is neighborhood of colossal mechanic workshops, Delivering mechanical service of diverse sort- ranging from small motor engine to a heavy duty vehicle engine. walkng through streets like Abagana Street, broadrick streets, and Calabar street, both sides of the streets are mostly motor part shops and mechanic workshop which stretches down to the end of the street. Although those shop look less of a modern mechanic workshop. It is widely believed that coal camp is where you get the best motor mechanics and panel beaters with professional experiences that can readily deliver fine finishing to any automobile mechanical difficulty at any time.
        Entering coal camp from Akwata road, you will notice its division into three by two single major roads. in the middle partition of coal camp, majorly you can find shops- shops that spare parts, batteries, tires or automobile accessories can be purchased, then banks and hotels. Down the left side leading down to a valley are basically mechanic workshop rigged with scraps and junky car parts to the brim like a huge scrap yard and a few below standard residential homes. While on the right hand towards the Ngwo hill are mostly residential homes for those mechanics.
        In the evening after a hectic day job, coal camp has an amazing recreational park were most workers come to chill. Like the old polo park (now polo moll) Ejindu park has almost all the facilities a regular park has, an area for kids to play, a mini sports court with table tennis boards and snooker boards, a line up of beer parlours, restaurants, and various other relaxing centers, decorated with fine art paintings on the walls and colorful flowers giving the park generally a comfortable environment.
        Finally, the first developed town of Enugu State which was once a residential home for the British colonial masters and the historic Enugu coal mines is now the home of fine motor mechanic services of any kind; Now when automobile clinic is mentioned anytime anywhere in Enugu, coal camp is pictured.