A- Z of Engineering

A- Z of Engineering
By Udensi Nnagoziem
A- ADVENTURE:     Engineering is atrociously wonderful; it’s dangerous and delightful to practice.
B- BRAVERY:          Engineering requires a certain amount of bravery from time to time.
C- CREATIVITY:      Engineering involves imaginative ability and passion to develop new and original ideas.
D- DYNAMIC:          Engineering is dynamic, vigorous purposeful active and changing. Engineers are full of energy and enthusiasm.
E- ECONOMICAL:    Engineering is efficient, resource fully frugal inexpensive and avoids waste, also Careful in making the best use of resources available.
F- FABRICATION:   Engineering entails fabrication forging and construction of something.
G- GENERATIVE:    Engineering produces and generates things. It has an enormous quality of productive capability.
H- HARMONIOUS:   Engineering is characterized by friendly agreement or accord. It has a pleasant blending and pleasing combination of parts and things to form something.
I- ILLUMINATIVE:   Engineering illuminates life, it simplifies life.
J- JINX:                   Engineering amongst all is good features, is also a jinx because of the effect on the environment.
K- KEY:                   Engineering is the main key that opens the door to development.
L- LIFESAVER:       Engineering on it’s own in a life saver. It reduces stress and provides comfort.
M- MACRO:             Engineering is large and complex, it affects every part human existence.
N- NICE:                  Engineering is simply nice, fine pleasant, respectable, subtle, and wonderful.
O- OMNIFICENT:     Engineering has a great unlimited Creative power.
P- POWERFUL:        Engineering is influential strong and efficient in producing fast results. It has control of things.
Q- QUALITATIVE;   Engineering has a large amount of quality. It is very professionals.
R- RADICAL:           Engineering is basic; it also affects the basic nature of most important things. It also favors major changes in things.
S- SCIENTIFIC:       Engineering conforms to science and its principles and its practice also methodical and systematic.
T- TECHNICAL:       Engineering specializes mostly in industrial techniques and applied science it entails operation of machines and systems.
U- UBIQUITOUS:     Engineering exists everywhere it’s products are used every where and it’s helpful in every area of life.
V-VAST:                   Engineering in vast. It has sundry branches. Aeronautical and Aerospace, chemical, civil, Electronics communication and control, computer Geological and mining, Architecture, Bioengineering, Genetic, Economics petroleum, Agricultural, Mechanical, military, Naval, Industrial and Management, Nuclear, safety sanitary material science and technology.
W- WONDERFUL:    Engineering has this extreme quality that excites admiration and amazement.
X- XENADU:            Engineering plays the major part in making the world an idyllic exotic and luxurious and beautiful place.
Y- YIELD:                Engineering produces positively towards development.
Z- ZENITH               Engineering is the highest point of inventions and creativity.