Its so funny how some people gets so excited while they are going into a relationship, most of them don’t even really know the main reason why they should go into a relationship, they just want to do what they have seen others do. Some have said NO to better relationships and YES to the wrong ones. Together let us look at these 21 kinds of relationship that i have been able to draw out of the topic 40 marriages that must not hold by Dr D.K OLUKOYA and are very common nowadays and needs to be avoided;
1. FAST FOOD RELATIONSHIP: this kind of relationship is based on foolish and wise love, both parties begin to decieve one and other with non-existing love, nothing tangible comes out of the relationship, yet they keep confessing love to themselves.

2. EXPERIMENTAL RELATIONSHIP: a kind of relationship full of trials and errors, no matter the style or method attached to choosing a partner there must be a fault at the end. Either the girl finds a fault in the guy or vice-versa. He/she complains too much, he/she talks too much etc.
3. DIABETIC RELATIONSHIP: based on the search for sweet things in a relationship, most especially the ladies, they want to go to eateries all the time, visit the cinemas, go to beaches, want to date huge salary earners, wear the latest fashion and want to catch fun alwayz without having the time for both parties discussing the way forward.
4. STRANGER: this is a very funny kind of relationship, dating someone you don’t know and don’t even care to ask. Both of you just met somewhere and he spoke to you and you gave way to him, it would not last at all.
6. BABY RELATIONSHIP: there’s no sign of maturity in this kind of relationship at all, both parties just keep acting stupidly, it took the intervention of friends before they started dating, too much of arguments, public display of affection and many more childish acts.
7. DISTANT RELATIONSHIPS: includes online-dating such as tweeter and Facebook, Bbm and other social networks. Both parties just keep decieving each other with too much of lies, exchange of nude pics and many more. By the time both parties come in physical contact then the love either wears off or depreciates cos they never expected what they saw of each other.
8. SHOW GLASS RELATIONSHIP: they are both dating themselves just for the world to see and no other reason. The relationship is empty, they move all around town together, walk up and down the campus together, all for no reason but for everybody to see them.
9. FORCEFULL RELATIONSHIP: a relationship not planned for at all, your friends just forced you into it, or maybe you forced yourself into it because you are the only single individual among your peers and you found a cheap means so you jumped into it, no love in it, just deciet, both parties just keep enduring whatever comes their way, no sharing of gifts at all.
10. GOLD DIGGERS: is a kind of relationship based on comfort and money, it is the most common kind of relationship today. One party loves the other because of wealth and material things. Most especially girls, they love where everything goes rossy. Beware cos such relationship doesn’t last, it consists of too much of sex and lies.
11. CLUTCHES RELATIONSHIP: is a very stupid kind of relationship where one party uses the other party like clutches, he/she begins to see the partner as everything. They’ll say you are my mother, father, uncle, sister and my everything thereby placing all responsibilities on one head.
12. PLASTER RELATIONSHIP: relationship based on ones personal possession or access to something, this kind of relationship often lead to marriage but it makes one a slave at the end of it all. Because you have seen an American passport with someone, or because he drives a Mercedes Benz 2011 model and you fall completely in love with the person, at the end of the day he/she gets you and begins to control your life.
13. DOG LIFE RELATIONSHIP: here there’s too much of sex, both parties are dating eachother just to quench their sexual thirsts and hunger, they can’t do without having sex whenever they see eachother. It is popularly said that when you release you realise, so after sex there’s nufin much to say and they both go different ways until the thirst comes again. It is very common these days.
14. ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIP: also very common, here only one party has love for the other while the other does not, no matter how he/she keeps trying to make the other party to love him/her, all is to no avail.
15. PANIC RELATIONSHIP: you just jump into a relationship because all your friends and younger ones are all in a relationship, but you are not enjoying it at all. No kindness, no love, no Godliness, etc definitely nothing is coming out of it so get out.
16. MEDICINAL RELATIONSHIP: dating to cure loneliness and unfortunately you are dating a lonely person, he/she just sits down with you, no gisting, no laughing, not giving you any necessary attention at all, its very bad, get out of it.
17. BEAUTY RELATIONSHIP: dating someone cos he/she is cute, beautiful and sexy but has very bad manners, character, has no good mind, always thinking of evil. You better run out of it as soon as possible. There are so many beautiful girls and cute guys who has ugly characters.
18. PRESCRIBED RELATIONSHIP: a kind of relationship recommended by friends, they tell you that you are compatible with someone and so both of you out of nothing fell in empty love and decieving yourselves. At the end of the day your friends would go and it would remain only you and your fate.
19. ADVERT RELATIONSHIP: because you want to be associated with the influential people in the society, you take delight in running after their children, going for their parties and all that, automatically you are a gold digger.
20. ANTI-PROGRESS RELATIONSHIP: nothing good come out of this kind of relationship, once you get into it everything around you begins to fall apart, you begin to loose so many things starting from your virginity. Hopes begins to be dashed away and all you just do is weep and think.
21. FAIRLY USED RELATIONSHIP: dating somebody who’s has been dumped several times, aborted several times and it became late for you to discover, so all you can just do is to manage him/her like that. You can still run, run-away.
By and large, i have made short but reasonable explanations of all i can notice about present day relationships. As the reader i want you to judge this article, what is omitted and what is not supposed to be there. Meanwhile as you read this recommend it for others to read, most especially the younger ones growing up these days, publicize these article to wherever you can and together let us advocate for a better life.